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Do you ever dream of going someplace again that you been before? How does it feel when you see photos of that place, whether their your photos or not?

For me that place is Ireland. I’ve been a few times now and fell in love with it that very first time on the approach to the airport as the plane was descending from the heavens onto a misty emerald green landscape. It’s pretty hard to describe the feeling of going there to others. It just is a happy feeling I guess that stays the whole time I’m there.

Even though it does tend to rain a lot there the people are extremely nice and the food isn’t bad either. Many castles and old history are abound and is extremely fascinating to check out. Walking along the shore of an ancient beach that has been battered for millennia is magical.

Being a photographer and carrying around a bunch of gear to snap shots is almost like a zen like feeling while there.

Where is your favorite spot or one you’d like to check out at some point? I have many other places I’d love to visit but I must say Ireland is still at the top of my list.


I took this shot a little over a year ago on a trip to Ireland for business. This photo was taken while it was pretty windy and rain was coming down. I’m not sure if this boat would actually be in the water as the tide was out and it seemed pretty far from it, though I could be mistaken. The photo was shot on the coast of the inlet from the Atlantic towards Shannon and Limerick.

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