After spending a few days out in Wales we planned to have one day in London before hopping on another plane to Germany. The day was gorgeous and pretty warm. We left early morning to drive back to the Heathrow airport to drop our car off and check into our hotel to drop our multitude of baggage off. Next we hopped on the Tube downtown and got off at the Tower Station. Did a bit of walking around and checking out the sites before hopping on a Thames ferry to the London Eye for a scenic ride.


This thing is cool! Well, it was pretty warm inside I have to admit, but the views are breathtaking and awesome. You can literally see for miles and can many landmarks are within view. Just below right you can see the Houses of Parliament and behind that in the distance is the Battersea Power Station. This is not your ordinary Ferris wheel. It’s huge and high, and the ride around once takes about 30 minutes. Well worth the time if you have it. I do suggest prebooking a ‘flight’, as they call it, to save from standing in line for several hours.


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