Not much to report. Below the description pretty much describes what we saw. After this fantastic view we walked along Michigan Avenue a bit to check out some shops and eat a few famous Chicago Style hot dogs. mmmmm, they were good!


This shot was taken at the top of the John Hancock building in Chicago. There is an observation deck on the 95th floor which cost some fee to get to. I’m not sure on what the fee is, but on the 96th floor there is a bar/lounge that has free entrance! There is a 1 drink minimum but you can take children with you. If I remember correctly we all just got coffees and juices (No alcohol required).

This was the view our the window we were sitting next to. This looks out south. Down in the middle you can see the famed Michigan Avenue. The tall building in the middle is the new Trump Tower which I believe is mostly upscale condos and has some commercial towards the bottom.

The tall black building in the distance to the right is the now named ‘Willis Tower’. When it opened back in 1973 it was called the ‘Sears Tower’ and was the tallest building in the world. It remained so until 1998 when it was surpassed by the ‘Petronas Twin Towers’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In 2003 the naming rights expired and it now known as the ‘Willis Tower’, though Chicago-ans still refer to it by it’s original name.

To this day it remains the tallest building in the USA and the 5th tallest worldwide. Back in about 1997 I had the time to get to the observation deck on the 103rd floor named the Skydeck. I don’t remember it doing so, but when it’s a windy day supposedly you can feel the building sway. I’d like to get back and go up there again. In 2009 they renovated the Skydeck to have glass balconies that extend about 4 feet from the main window. These balconies of glass allow you to look straight down 103 floors or 1353ft (412m) below!


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