Thanks for visiting the blog of NJK Photography for Noah Katz.
Have had the opportunity to travel quite extensively over the years,
both here in the U.S. & abroad, & always make sure to take a backpack
of photography equipment on each journey so as to capture some of
their unusual & oftentimes exotic sights. Whenever in a new, & often
distant location, it is always a high priority to take the time
& energy to get out and about to travel to some of these unique
places.  By employing the HDR imaging process while on a photo shoot,
it allows greater light & detail to be drawn out in each picture.
Have been involved in photographic art for many years and at present
am able to devote more time, energy & focused direction to expanding
my current portfolio, which has been broken down into a variety of
categories for specific perusal.
Thanks for visiting this new and growing site and hope you have
enjoyed viewing the photographic art contained within as much as I
have enjoyed putting it all together for viewing. If you have any
questions or want to learn more please contact me at

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