Well, after 2.5 weeks traveling with my family in the UK and Germany we’re back and just about over our jet lag. I do love to travel and check out new places but I can safely say it’s always nice to get home and sleep in your own bed and have all of your own creature comforts in one place. Some things you manage without and sort of forget you actually have or do when your at home. It’s really good in a way as I find that, while away, you realize that you can manage without many things that you use/have at home. I will admit I took my camera gear and computer with me as those are material items I feel I can’t live without… At least at this point in my life.


This is a shot of the Externsteine that is right near the northern town of Detmold, Germany where my wife grew up. The town is not that huge, in comparison to München (Munich) or Köln (Cologne) but there really is quite a bit going on around the city and not too far from it to explore.

This place is one of those cool places to explore and walk around. There are many trails to hike on around here not to mention being able to climb the steps carved into the rock to get on top from which you get a spectacular view of the surrounding country side. It’s quite an unusual and interesting place to check out. There are what appears to be rooms carved out at the bottom along with a mural carved on the outside.

Here is a link to wikipedia with more info on it: Externsteine on Wikipedia

Supposedly up to a million people visit this site each year. If your ever in this part of Germany I definitely recommend it. Especially on a nice, or at least, not too wet day.


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