How was your Labor Day Weekend? Mine was pretty busy. Saturday my wife and I took our kids to up in the mountains to do a nice hike. We went up to Brainard Lake just west of Boulder, Colorado and did a fantastic 6 mile hike. My 2 kids did great. My youngest, 5 in 3 weeks, only was carried for about 1/4mile. Pretty fantastic if you ask me. I think we’re all still a little beat from that hike but the views were worth the aching bodies.


At the end of July this year my family and eye traveled to the UK to visit family. We stayed in Caerphilly which is just north of the bigger town of Cardiff in Wales. The particular weekend we were there was the annual ‘Big Cheese’ festival. Lots of booths for various arts and crafts, food, rides and entertainment. On the opening night, which was a Friday, they do a big fire works display shot off from the castle. We happened to have front row prime grass right across from the lake outside the castle walls. Was a fantastic sight.

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