Well, my wife and I have been here on our trip without the kids for the past week and are on our last day here. We’ve been here on Grand Bahama Island having a bit of a get away, hanging out with friends and meeting new ones. The snorkeling has been great and I even got a few photo ops while out and about.


I’ve come to this island for the past 5 years I think at this point and in one of the canals is an old decayed building. I’m not sure if it’s an old hotel or apartment building. Ever since I first saw it I wanted to go and explore around it. I finally got my chance yesterday! I only spent about 15 minutes doing so and plan to do it again in the next couple months when we return. I also hope to get some info on it and discover what it was.

Do you like urban decay? I find it fascinating to explore a place that once was and now is not. Please leave me a comment and tell of your experiences with this subject matter.

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