Do you ever dream of going someplace again that you been before? How does it feel when you see photos of that place, whether their your photos or not?

For me that place is Ireland. I’ve been a few times now and fell in love with it that very first time on the approach to the airport as the plane was descending from the heavens onto a misty emerald green landscape. It’s pretty hard to describe the feeling of going there to others. It just is a happy feeling I guess that stays the whole time I’m there.

Even though it does tend to rain a lot there the people are extremely nice and the food isn’t bad either. Many castles and old history are abound and is extremely fascinating to check out. Walking along the shore of an ancient beach that has been battered for millennia is magical.

Being a photographer and carrying around a bunch of gear to snap shots is almost like a zen like feeling while there.

Where is your favorite spot or one you’d like to check out at some point? I have many other places I’d love to visit but I must say Ireland is still at the top of my list.


I took this shot a little over a year ago on a trip to Ireland for business. This photo was taken while it was pretty windy and rain was coming down. I’m not sure if this boat would actually be in the water as the tide was out and it seemed pretty far from it, though I could be mistaken. The photo was shot on the coast of the inlet from the Atlantic towards Shannon and Limerick.

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This shot was taken for an assignment for a photography hangout I take part in on Google+. The idea was to shoot a creative book shot. I had some ideas in my head and immediately knew I wanted to shoot my leather bound edition of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’.


When trying to realize the shot in my head I first off knew which books I wanted to shoot. The leather bound edition has some great texture and the writing on the binding and details on the covers is some sort of metal foil which really adds to the shot.

I also wanted to somehow incorporate some rings into the shot since that is a major character in the books. To make things interesting I decided to make the rings appear as if they were floating above the books.

To capture this shot I used 3 studio strobes and my Nikon SB-800 flash. I have a little DIY shooting table that I had made out of a piece of plywood and screwed that to an old tripod I had. Then I laid a piece of glass that I had spray painted black on one side to place the books on.

For the rings, I used a boom above and out of frame and hung them from that using fishing line.

For the lights, I started with the SB-800 on the ground behind the little table and put a blue gel over it and aimed at a piece of white foam core that was about foot behind the subject. Next, I had 2 studio strobes that were place right and left in front and level with the subject with DIY strip boxes. The 3rd studio strobe was hung above the subject by about 2 feet from another boom with a soft box on it.

Initially when I took the shot the blue color was totally washed out with barely a hint of color. That was due to the strip boxes that had over spilled the subject and blasted the white background. To remedy that I flagged each side of the table with a piece of white foam core and also used a little strip of it across the top.


To get the final shot I made one exposure. I did a little color correction in Lightroom for white balance and then brought the image into Photoshop and spend about 1.5 hours cleaning the image. I removed a few spots that I had on my sensor, some random dust I has missed while cleaning the area for the shot and also removed the fishing line. Oh, and of course I added a few sparkles to top it off with.

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Please also find below this final image a few bts(behind the scenes) shots I took.

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Here are some BTS (Behind the scenes) shots of my setup. This first shot below shows the strip boxes from front and either side of the subject and the softbox above. You can also see the white foam core flags I used. That little black area to the bottom back of the tripod is the SB-800 with blue gel aiming up.

Here is another angle showing more of the same, but gets you a better idea on the overall setup.

This shot shows a closer view of the little DIY table I made. It’s just a a small piece of plywood I cut and drilled a hole in middle where I put a 1/4″ blind nut to be able to screw to the table.

This final shot shows a closer side view to better see the position of the back ground.


On Father’s day back in June of this year I took many shots that I feel are worthy of display to you all. I don’t want to post them all at once, but would rather sprinkle them to you over time to keep things fresh. I think that keeps our brains working to remember the places we were and conjure up the memories that we experienced at that time.


Here’s another shot I recently processed from my recent trip to Chicago. This is in Millennium Park early on Father’s Day. That black tower in the back is the once named Sear’s Tower which was also the tallest building in the world for many years. I love that they have a botanical garden right in the middle of the downtown area amongst all of the huge buildings. The contrast of living matter and concrete is amazing to me.


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