This is a post I made back in July on G+. I figured I’d just use the same text for this post

Well, I just completed day 3 here in Ireland. I’m out here for work this week and it started off great yesterday but today didn’t go as planned. I was hoping for an easy going day but ended up having many difficulties. I’m hoping to turn that around tomorrow.


The plus to my not so great day was leaving my customer site to witness sunshine! Now, being that it’s mid July and I’m so far north the sunlight lasts a lot longer here. I left my customer with the sun still high up in the sky. I quickly picked up something to eat while out and about and decided to head out to the coast which I love here. I will say though I did go on a not so direct path. I chose not to travel on main roads and cruise along roads not much wider than the tiny care I’ve rented.

This shot was taken of a private road that ran off of the road I was driving on. At the end of this road, or I assume due to being private, are the Cliff of Moher. Those are Ireland’s famous cliffs that plunge about 700ft down to the Atlantic.I’ve been there a couple of times and I can say personally that they are pretty magnificent.

I hope you enjoy today’s post.


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