So, the other day I was driving to work and pulled up behind someone at a stop sign waiting for a chance to make their turn. I hear shouting coming from my left as a bicyclist comes flying down the side walk. He’s screaming ‘GO GO GO!’. Then when he finally gets to the intersection starts yelling at the woman in front of me that she’s pulled through the stop sign and hasn’t moved. Then threatens her that he’ll sue her for everything she’s got if she does this again. Does what again? Block the intersection because she has to inch out beyond the stop sign so she can actually see the oncoming traffic?

My thought was that he’s complaining about his woman’s driving but here he is riding his bike on a sideWALK!!! It’s not called a sideRIDE. Isn’t there some law against riding on a sidewalk and demanding walkers move out of the way? They do it all the time.


This was a view from our cabin when we had made port in Sitka, Alaska lat year. This little island seemed to inhabited by few houses. From our view we could see many little island like this traveled heavily by many fishing boats.

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