Tonight please join us in a Google Hangout where we go over last weeks assignment to shoot an ad style watch shot.  Alex Koloskov & Dave Nitsche have been hosting a weekly google hangout. This will be the 8th one I think. It starts at 8pm MST.


Well, it took me some time, and bit of cursing, but I think I got the shot I was after. After about 50 shots, I was able to get the shot I was looking for. I wanted rim lighting from the sides but the hard part was to get the face to be lit the way I envisioned it. I kept getting crazy reflections and what I wanted was a nice gradient of light across it. I ended up using a piece of white foam core board placed in front of the watch to reflect light from the side of the strip box back onto the face. I tell you, I tried all sorts of ways to get what I wanted, and then once I had tried holding a piece of board where I did in the end I knew I had the shot! Not sure what the time was to be set for or if there was a standard, but now after I’ve finished I started to look in magazines, and online and noticed that 10:10 seems to be the ideal time. It may be, but I do quite like the way the hands look here as well.

Do you know why 10:10 is ideal? If so, please leave some comments below so myself and others can benefit from insight on the standards that I’m not aware of.

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Here are some BTS (Behind the scenes) shots of my setup. The watch is hard to see here but you can see my DIY strip box with the white board I used to reflect the gradient of light. Bottom left shows the other strip box through a diffuser.

Here you can see how I suspended the watch with fishing line on a home made metal contraption with self tapped holes to position in various ways on a spare tripod.

Here is a closer shot of the watch setup with strip box to the right through translucent fabric diffuser.