Great Hangout last night with +Alex Koloskov, +Dave Nitsche, +ron gibbs, +Mike Broderick, +Jerry Nielsen, +Steve Savoie, +Paul Helfinstein  & +Anthony Moringello. (hope I didn’t miss anyone and if so I appologize)

Was really great to get critiques from +Alex Koloskov  on technical aspects of our shots and from +Dave Nitsche for the over all look. Was also helpful for us to be able to add our own opinions because critiquing other peoples work, which can be hard, allows us to have a new eye for what to look for in our photos.

It can be difficult to receive criticism from others but it can help to improve our art if we are open to listen to others. Especially is it done in a constructive way. Telling someone that *you don’t like something* is better than telling someone that *that what they did is crap*.

Now, it can still be a difficult thing to hear but if we can allow ourselves to get past our egos about our work, we can then be open to hear others ideas to potentially make it better.

Why are we doing this?

Ask yourself this question: Do you want to improve?

I’m not saying that your work may be bad, but if we’re willing to show others, especially display it all over the web, or possibly try to sell it, wouldn’t it be nice to have lots of other people help us hone our art? It’s still yours,and it’s still your style, but other people may be able to point things out that you may not have seen.

Last nights critiques

During last nights critiquing we discussed the lighting setups, the overall look and how to possibly improve things. Several time +Alex Koloskov would mention that maybe a highlight was missing, or that part of the image was a bit messy and would be nice to remove those bits; like little unneeded labels etc. +Dave Nitsche a couple times had mentioned how great it would be if +Genia Larionova  would join us. In going over the images and how to improve them what better way to improve the cleanup portion then by having +Genia Larionova, who is a fantastic #Photoshop retoucher give us her opinion on what she may do in post processing.

Well, I’ve rambled on long enough. I’ve been busy all day and finally had a chance to post a great thank you to all who attended and that I hope we can keep this up. Per +Dave Nitsche’s assignment we are to now use a bottle in a shot, not necessarily a red wine bottle, and do something sexy with it. I’ve got some ideas and now have to put them to action to see if they’re worth posting.

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