Well, it’s been almost a week since I posted something here. My family and I were visiting Chicago and celebrating my Grandfather’s 90th Birthday. A pretty special thing if you think about. Another thing that made it pretty special and interesting is that not only does my Grandfather have a twin sister, but she’s still around and they got to celebrate together. How often do you hear of that happening.


Well, for today’s photo a shot of the ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture in Millennium Park in Chicago. Now, I shot this at about 6:15 in the morning of Father’s Day. I figured at that time of the morning downtown there wouldn’t be that many people around. And I was right! I’ve been to this Park a few times before but always with droves of tourists lurking around.

I bet you didn’t even know the real name of this sculpture. Everyone, probably world-wide calls it the ‘Bean’. I do as well, but I thought I’d name this one by it’s real name. I had processed this one in Chicago on our travels and after showing it to my now 90 year old Grandfather, he fell in love with this shot. He wants it blown up big and hanging on his wall next to his dining room. I might just have to oblige his wishes.

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