I figured I’d get a little work done today in the afternoon. The power to the building was supposed to be out until about 2pm and when I showed up at 3:15, guess what? No Power! Fortunately I found one outlet that had power to it so I could get a bit of work done but no lighting. It’s lonely enough working here by myself, but with no lights on it’s even more so. Got my tunes going though so that makes it a bit better.


Last year August we went on an Alaskan cruise which left from Seattle. I took this photo after we boarded the ship and was walking around to see what the views looked like of the city before we pulled out of port. I had gone around the ship taking photos before it was inundated with swarms of people everywhere. I was able to get a few great shots. Make sure to click on this shot to see the large size. I think it came out pretty nice. Enjoy!

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