Alex Koloskov & Dave Nitsche have been hosting a weekly google hangout. This will be the 6th one. It starts at 10pm EST. Tonight we’re going to discuss an assignment we were given to photograph a red wine bottle. That was the main subject and the rest was up to our imagination. There are some great photos so far and it will interesting to hear about the shots and how they were made.


Have you ever been to Chicago? Or maybe you’ve seen a ton of photos of the ‘Bean’ that is heavily photographed here. I have to admit I’ve taken my share of photos of the Bean as well.

Just a stone throw away, or possibly a lob away, is this stage. They play live music here and from what I know it’s free. You can just bring a picnic, and hang out with friends and listen to great music.

The area is called Millennium Park which is home to not only this stage and the Bean, but a botanical garden and a couple giant square columns that have screens that display peoples faces. During the summer they spray water from those columns typically from the mouths of the people on the screen.

Do you have any interesting photos of Chicago you’d like to share? Make sure to leave links in your comments for us all to check them out.

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